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12th Calgary Intercultural Turkish Festival -2019

Activities October 5, 2019

IDI Calgary Chapter and Burc Intercultural Centre organized 12th Intercultural Turkish Festival with the participation of almost 20 thousand Calgarians, MPs, MLAs and the Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney. Thanks to all volunteers, sponsors and supporters for their continuous support.

12th Intercultural Turkish Festival is one of the few festivals in Calgary that attracts people from all backgrounds in Eau Claire plaza. We had talented musicians and valuable dancers from 15 different countries. We are thankful to MPs, MLAs and Mr Jason Kenney who honoured the festival by their presence. So much fun 🙂

Please click the link for more pictures and details.

Noah’s Pudding Program-2019

Activities October 4, 2019

We know that Noah’s pudding is tastier when we share. We shared it with our friends in a mosque with Muslims, in a church with Christians and with our neighbours all around Calgary.

Noah’s pudding symbolizes the mixture of people from different cultures, understanding and identities all bringing their own flavour to the atmosphere without losing their own characteristics. We would like to extend our thanks to the cook of this delicious dessert, Chef. Mahmut Elbasi, the owner of Anatolian Turkish Restaurant in Calgary.

Alberta Culture Days-2019

Activities October 2, 2019

Burc Intercultural Centre and Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) Calgary chapter hosted an magnificent event with the support of Alberta Government to celebrate the cultural richness that we have here in Alberta.

Cultural dances, unique foods and information sessions of nine countries were shown to the audience by the performers.

Cultural Minister of Government of Alberta Mrs. Leela Aheer was also one of the viewers and performers by her guitar. IDI’s celebration was selected as one of the five featured celebration sites for Alberta Culture Days-2019 from 87 different celebrations by the Government of Alberta.

With almost 500 participants in the Alberta Culture Days- 2019 celebrations, BURC Intercultural Centre and IDI did a great job by building bridges between various ethnic communities and played a vital role to emphasize the importance of Art of living together with harmony and acceptance.